my dear calypso:
you were born of the sun and the sea,
with radiance braided into your hair
and beauty entwined in your eyes;
but you were not born for love.

my dear calypso:
hearts are as fragile as flowers,
and can be torn with one touch;
yours is the softest rose of all.

my dear calypso:
you are cursed to love the wind,
and it will always fall through your fingers.

my dear calypso:
the fate of a side character is never kind.

a poem for my dear calypso // t.y. (via deadangelo)

(via janesfoster)



Every frame of the Harry Potter movies, condensed into a barcode.

#oh my god #look at this #how it starts off with reds and oranges and purples #bright colors #and then it gets continuously darker towards the end #it’s so fitting to the story #and then there is that strip of white at the end #which has to be the king’s cross scene #and it’s just #light #in a dark time #which is extremely beautiful

you know why theres a white part at the end? because happiness can be found even in the darkest of times

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